Why Are Solar Panels Important?

When the people get the solar panels installed they are putting in a lot of money there as an investment. The people make sure that the solar panels are protected at any cost and when they realise that there is a bird nest or the pigeons nest under the solar panels or the birds under solar panels, they find it really alarming as it could damage the whole solar panels electric wiring where it could also cause health hazards. Birds nesting under solar panels could start the roof fires and also cause electric shocks to the people living in the houses of which the solar panels are. While the birds a flying if they pay solar panel it is not really of a damage or if they sit on a solar panel for a while it’s not really damaging but when the pigeons start to nest under the solar panel when the birds and the solar panel starts to create their homes under the solar panel in order to acquire some shade for their nests for their eggs they really invite the other critters such as the squirrels and runes and other kind of animals wildlife animals or Birds under the solar panels and then starts the actual damage where the other wild animals mitu the electric wiring or they could start taking the shelter under the slow panels which is also very health wise risky for the animals as well as the people using those solar panels. 

Are we saving panels as well as the birds? 

When the people want to get rid of the birds under solar panels the solar panels they setup bird mesh and other than that they keep other kind of feedings on the rooftops of the birds are not attracted towards the solar panels part to the food that they have kept as a distraction to maintain the safety of their home solar panels. If there is a slight chance of damage to the solar panels it could get caught early and it could be maintained. It is not just that the birds under solar panels the solar panels would damage the solar panels but the birds above the solar panels could also damage the solar panels how as to when they come up to the solar panels and they drop their droppings their droppings contains the amount of acidity that can cause and erosion of the surface of the solar panels and as well as the wires. To save the solar panels from the birds going under it people can also make distractions for the birds to be flying or whether it’s too cold for the birds to get out of the solar panels. These are some ways in which you can get the birth under solar panels out of there without causing any damage and keeping the safety of your solar panels. 

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