Tips On Ensuring Safety In Your Apartment

When you live in an apartment just like in a house you need to ensure that the surrounding and the inside of the apartment is safe. This would mean that in case there may be a danger you know where to go, whom to turn to and what to do. Here are some tips you could follow in order to ensure your safety with and outside of your apartment;

Get to know the building
You should be aware of certain aspects of the building. This will ensure you know where to go in the case of an emergency. The building may have an underground security system or secret passages that are used mainly in the case of a fire or lockdown. Speak to the manager and gather information on them beforehand, this will ensure you have a peaceful stay as you are more than aware of what needs to be done when faced with a calamity. Gather information on any unexpected checks, fire drills etc. This way you would be more than prepared to face them. Check through exits and condo fire rated door to know your way out to building.

Fire precautions
Make sure that you have your place safe from flammable material. Check thoroughly through switches and plugs to make sure there is no leakage of electricity that could act as a reason for the start of a fire, check the gas cookers and cylinders as well. Check on your good timber wooden doors in Singapore to make sure they are fire proofed and safe.

Be aware of your surroundings, the neighbourhood and other paths and alleys. Gather as much as possible information by studying your environment. Don’t take risks and try out short cuts you’ve never known. Check for fire exits in the building and always trust your gut feeling. Be mindful of suspicious changes and people and in case of emergency don’t hesitate to call the cops.

Try as much as possible to not ride elevators alone. If there is a reasonable crowd then maybe you could join in as well. But if you were living in a higher floor it might be impossible to climb stairs, but make sure you have whatever you may need by your side in case of an emergency. If there is a fire inside the building it is advisable to avoid it all together.

Check around and make friends with trusted neighbours so you could ask for help in case of any difficulty. And like mentioned previously, if you feel something is wrong then it probably is, so don’t forget to be mindful of every single little thing.