Tips For A Glamorous Wedding

Are you dreaming of a glamorous wedding? Do you want to know how you can have a glamorous wedding function? Well, a wedding is a once in a lifetime thing. And you want it to be your best! It is very important that you have wedding ceremony that is satisfactory to you. It has become a very tiring task to hold a wedding ceremony that is glamorous in all ways. This is why we have come up with some great hacks for you to have a glamorous function!


The location of your wedding is a very important aspect of determining how glamorous your wedding is. You should first decide where you are going to locate your wedding. If you want to have a huge number of guests and one filled with glamour, it is advisable that you chose a location like a five or seven star hotel. These will be ideal. If not you can plan on a beach wedding or even a wedding at cheaper hotel that looks really good!


Clothing is another deciding factor when it comes to glamour and your wedding. You need to ensure that as the bride or groom you look the absolute best you can ever be! You need to make sure that you get the clothing done from a very reputed tailor. Also make sure to do regular fit-on’s and make any alterations that would be necessary. Just as having a separate vegetarian buffet catering Singapore at your reception is an extra mile, you should go that extra mile to achieve the perfect clothing for the event! Also make sure that the bride, groom, bridesmaid, bestmen, flower girls and stage boys are dressed in matching clothing according to the theme of the wedding.

The cuisine

You’d be surprised when I say foodstuff actually adds to the glamour of the wedding. Have good quality eatables from a very good quality supplier will make the entire event look better. It is very important that the catering company you choose presents the eatables in a very attractive manner. They should also have a variety of cuisine that is considered rich to serve!


The décor can be THE deciding factor finally! You should choose a theme that gives a rich yet simple look. This will definitely make it very glamorous and ensure that the guests are wowed! You can use colours like off white, pearl with a touch of rich purple for the ultimate look. Make sure to get a professional to do the decoration of the reception hall. As the professional will be able to do a neat and better job in most cases.