The New Wonder Of The Sembawang Crescent

Sembawang is a well stated town in the north region of Singapore. From the very beginning it was built as a residential town and therefore it is really well planned and well designed. The biggest part of a town is its establishments, and Sembawang Crescent has a really handful of iconic establishments and condominiums. Among all of them, the most new addition of this town – The Parc Life EC is definitely one of the most famous ones.

The Parc Life EC is the big, really big. It spreads on almost 238,849 square fits of land. It has tenure of 99 years, which is a long time! The establishment has 628 of total units for the residents and all of the units are surrounded among the 11 blocks of area and 15/16 floors. The Perc Life Floor Plan was published long ago so that the viewers can judge for themselves, and the project authority even published the Parc Life EC Floor Plan PDF in their official websites so that everyone interested about any kind of units can view that and get a clear idea. This was a great decision which will eventually save everyone’s time.

The Parc Life EC Showflat location Is just at the project site so that the interested ones will get a complete idea about any unit whenever they visit the project site with an appointment.  The Parc Life Floor plan is another amazing thinking – the architectures and the authority took a well though description of the highest floor the be 15th or 16th floor for each building – and that is what happened. The main reason behind this unselfish decision is that the city is beside the bay and higher buildings can interfere with the city bay.

The Parc Life is like a city within a town –it has every facility a town provides and therefore, everyone thinks this as a really great initiative – as now the residents will be really getting the features of a modern town. And as Sembawang is really well built, there are only a few condominiums in there which has playground, gymnasium, pool, etc inside of them. So, The Parc Life EC stands out in this one.

We all need to settle in life – and if you live in Singapore, you can visit the town and the establishments inside it – and therefore, you can start living in a home like you dreamed, and make your family and everyone happy.

Reliability, comfort, Security and everything in one location, that’s what Parc life EC is all about.