Selecting The Best Unit To Store Your Belongings

Are you having many belongings at home? Are you trying to do de clutter and do some spring cleaning or if you are a collector of precious items, then opting for a storing facility must be clearly on the top of your mind. However if you do not select the correct option or service, chances are that you may greatly damage your valuables than protecting them. Not to mention the cost that you have to incur.

Therefore before you select a unit, and settle for it, you must understand the qualities of the products you plan to store, as some may require specific temperatures to be kept stored for long periods of time. There are many providers in the market offering storage services in varying degrees. One provider might offer climate controlled service while another may only provide aircon self storage service in Singapore, shortened for air conditioned units. Sometimes the terms may be used intermittently causing confusion, as some believe it is one and the same. Industry experts confirm however that it is not the same. There is actually a difference and it is important that tenants know this before hiring their units.

Air-conditioned units are well units with air-conditioning & controlled temperature. They are ideal for goods that are temperature sensitive, like canned items. Climate controlled units are also maintained at certain temperatures but they might not always suit the types of products you plan to store. Therefore it is a must that the temperatures maintained be taken in to account.

Humidity is another important aspect that can damage products, if not properly managed. In aircon storage rental, there is however no humidity checker or humidity control involved, therefore it is very important one understands this difference. On the other hand climate control storing units manage and control both humidity and temperature. When it comes to maintaining moisture levels in a storing unit, one must consider both temperature and humidity. It is understood that the more humid a space is, the more heat it will retain and vice versa. So while aircon units might only use air conditioning to maintain temperature, climate controlled units will actually use ventilation, heating, humidifiers , insulation and air conditioning to control and maintain the required temperature.

While most items in your storage list will survive in traditional temperature controlled units, it is best you identify items that are very sensitive to heat and humidity and use only climate controlled unites for them. Some common items needing climate controlled services are; artwork, soft fabrics, electronics, paper items such as books and metal objects to name a few.

So if you are not sure of the type of unit you need to select, it is best to hire a professional who can advise on the best option. After all a little bit of spending might be the difference between safely storing your goods and risk destroying them.