Ideas On Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom

When you are designing your bedroom, making a nice place to put your cloths and things neatly is a must have. A stylish closet can make your room eye catching and define the style of the place. Usually bedroom wardrobes are small and simple. There are many materials like steel, wood, glass, fabrics to chose from. Many colors. Let’s take a look at few ideas you should consider when you design a cool closet for your room.

 Let’s take size wise, when you design the closet for a small room it has to be compact and space saving but has more than enough storage to put your things. For a good example take the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe design which will span from ground to ceiling without taking much space and lengthen the bedroom space while also helping you to save some money. Consider using transparent glass because you can see the stuff through and it will give a unique but compact look in such small space.

 For a medium sized room you can integrate the closet or have a built in wardrobe with your bed headboard which will add a nice unique look while greatly reserving room space. And you can add various illusions to trick the eye. Like by using glass/mirrors across the entire wardrobe will multiply the view within the bedroom. You can multi utilize the closet by eliminating your dressing table because those mirrors can do the same job thus further reserving space.

 Next up for full sized big bed rooms. Currently the most popular wardrobe design option is a closet with sliding doors. This will take up more space but you will be able to store anything like your shoes collection, your fancy bag collection and many more things in that big space. You can add some industrial look by using more stylish steel sliding doors.

 And of course, the closet has to be stylish. You can paint it plain white color to indicate the simplicity and remove the heavy rustic look or can add more colors to cheer it up a quiet bedroom. Add a nice pattern with some geometric shapes. Make it a good background artwork by painting a nice picture with vivid colors. Add a graphics design to cover the entire closet.

Or you can decorate it with some neon lights and multiple shades to give a cool look every time you open those doors.

The closet is an essential component of every bedroom. Design and decorate it according to your tastes while matching the appearance of your room.