How To Build A Love For Learning From A Young Age

A child’s entire childhood and young adulthood would involve learning and study therefore it is crucial for the parents to ensure that the child posses a love for learning from a young age because this would then encourage them to study by themselves without causing the parents to push them even when they are young adults in high school. Furthermore, when the child has a love for learning they would be intrinsically motivated to study hard in order to get into a good college, in order to obtain a good job and would thus make life easier for parents on the long run. Hence, without any further ado, the following article will proceed to explore several tips that the parents can follow in order to encourage their children to develop a love for learning from a young age.

Teach them to Ask For Help

One cannot expect a child to be an expert in all the subjects at school, therefore, it would be understandable if the child is facing some difficulties with certain subjects. Therefore one should make sure that they are raising their children in an environment where they would not be punished or ignored when they ask for help. Instead, when the child asks for help one should proceed to show an interest and determine whether the entire subject is facing to be too difficult for the child to handle or whether it is a specific area. If the subject is hard enough to stump the parents which can happen most of the time in relation to subjects such as Mathematics one should consider hiring a tutor skilled in providing e maths tuition because the child would then receive one on tutoring sessions which would provide them with the opportunity to clear any doubts they may have.

Furthermore, in some instances even at the elementary level, the children may have some difficulty in grasping the subjects. In this case, it is crucial for one to take action immediately because elementary education is the foundation upon which the child’s education is built. Therefore the parent has to first determine whether they would have time and the necessary skill set to teach the child. However, if they do not have the necessary requirements then they should consider sending their child to private tuition for primary school.

Give the Child Autonomy

In a majority of the time, the parents may feel that their child is too unmotivated and may thus force the child to study. However, what many parents fail to realize is that children do not like to be controlled therefore when they are forced to study it make them less motivated. But this does not mean that children should be given free reign when it comes to their education. Instead, the parents should strive to offer a certain amount of autonomy to the child. For instance instead of forcing the child to study a particular subject the parent can instead offer two subjects and ask the child to select one to study.


Teaching the child to develop a love for learning can be one of the most overwhelming tasks that the parents would have to get involved in. But the parents should make sure to be patient and understanding because once a love towards learning is developed the child would continue to excel in life.