Fun And Easy Lunchtime Snacks For Your Kid

Sending off your kids to school in the morning is no easy job for any mother. You have to make sure that they are fed and dressed and catch the transport too. After putting in all that energy and thought into making their lunchtime snack, it can be truly disheartening to see that they have not finished their lunch fully or just not eaten it at all. There are also times when kids just throw the lunch way and even though you think they have eaten it, they really have not. Here are some fun and easy lunchtime snacks that will fill up your kid and make them want to finish every last morsel.

Cracker Lasagna

A fun and easy twist on the classic, use crackers as your base for this lasagna. If there is a different preference though, you can substitute the crackers with gluten free noodles in UAE as well. Take a baking tray and start lining up the layers of crackers, chicken and vegetable stir fry and cheese along with some tomato sauce. Bake for around fifteen minutes until cheese melts because unlike in the case of actual lasagna, everything is already cooked. Carefully take it out of the oven, cut into pieces and pack for kid’s lunch along with some crunchy carrot sticks on the side.

Chow Mein Over Easy With No Meat

Use good quality vegetarian noodles and cook it through. Set aside and chop up carrots, beans, mushrooms, tofu or bean curd, leeks, onions and any vegetables that your kid would like. Toss it all together in a large wok along with some oyster sauce, soy sauce and fish sauce as well as some pepper and any spices and herbs you want to add. Allow to cook through and pack after slightly cooled down with a side serving of refreshing cucumber sticks or yoghurt. If you are interested about oriental instant noodles you can visit this website

Nutritious Cheesy Balls

Use a mixture of vegetables that have been boiled along with some potato to give it consistency and make it into small bowls. Next coat each in egg wash and coat it again with breadcrumbs. It is best if you can double coat in this manner so that the crust is thicker, stronger and crunchier. Next get a small syringe and fill the balls with liquid cheese (obviously make sure that the cheese is not steaming hot or there will be a mess). Set aside to rest in a fridge and bake when needed. This is a good example of a dish that you can make at once for about a week and use as and when needed. Best served with some sauce, garlic bread slices or some fruit.