4 Tips For The Perfect Parenting

The word perfect parenting, is so wrong that when I hear the word perfect and parenting together it makes my entire body itch! As parent, you would know that there is no perfect parenting method or guideline to follow. In fact, parenting is one that is unique and different to each and every family out there!

But, there are some parenting facts that is common for all parents. And can be used as an element to become the ‘perfect parents for your perfect family’!

Ignore the Comments / Unwanted Advices

As a parent, you will agree with me when I tell you that we need to deal with a huge load of unwanted advice and comments, about our little ones and of course about the way we are bringing them up. However, the first thing to be a healthy parent is to ignore all these unhealthy and unwanted advice and or comments. If they continue, you can simply tell it to their face. Because unless you are able to put a stop to it from the beginning, even your child might start to get affected with the constant nags.

Understanding between Parents

Another very fundamental element of being the perfect parents, is that there should be a good understanding between the two parents. If you are a single parent then great! But you still may have to share custody with your partner. In that case you both need to keep in mind to never bad mouth the other. And always remain calm about the other partner. On the other hand, if both of you are bringing them up together, then you need to ensure that you both never fight in front of them. A child becomes psychologically affected seeing his or her parents fighting. Never argue in front of them. And always try to maintain peace and integrity in the household. Ensure that the circular loft bed is placed in such a way that they are unaware of any fights between the two of you if any!

 One Plays Boss While the Other Plays Friend

It is also a very important thing as parents, to both never shout or scold the child at the same time. You should always make sure that one parent bosses around whilst the other offers consoling words. The roles need to be reversed as well. Then they will know that at all times they have someone to lean on! If you are the one to scold them, the make your partner to console them and play with them on the kids furniture in Singapore whilst making a promise along with them to do better. And your partner should explain it to the child as to why you are angered and how wrong their action is.

Night Time Routines

The best time to talk to those little monsters is just before they are going to bed. It is at this time that you will be able to make them listen to what you have to say and make them behave the way you want. Since, it is at night time that they are calmer and at a better inkling to listen.