4 Things You Should Know About Moving To Singapore

If you are reading this article, chances are you have either considering or have already made plans to move to Singapore. It is an exciting country full of opportunities, rich in culture and adds great quality to life. This tiny island has been one of the major trade ad financial hubs of the Asian region for quite some time now while more and more investors direct their attention towards Singapore every year to become part of this metropolis that has so much to offer. Mentioned in this article are five important facts about this nation that you must know before making your move.

Finding the right house

Being almost entirely covered in cityscape, Singapore is one of the hardest places in the world to find an accommodation that is both affordable and of the right quality. Housing here is very expensive and high-rise apartments can be seen almost everywhere. Be smart and select the right living space the first time itself, giving priority to the location, space and price. Look into executive condominiums, an apartment category that offers an integrated set of facilities. ECs such as Rivercove Residences pricing is set in line with the quality of the accommodation.

Acquisition of storage facilities

When moving to a country like Singapore where the value of land is extremely high, unless you have the kind of ample space Rivercove Residences floor plan provides, it will be impossible to store all your belongings at the apartment. In such a situation it is wiser to purchase a storage facility. Whether your moving to the country for a short or long time there will always be the need to keep your possessions safe, so that you can use your living space for ‘living’ without any clutter.

Eat your fill!

Since this country is a cultural melting pot comprised of individuals from nationalities all around the world, the Singaporean cuisine too is made up of a wide range of Malay, Indian, Chinese and western food which you can find at many price ranges. While there are many high-end restaurants, you can also enjoy mouthwatering food items at local hawker centers as well.

Singapore is impressively clean

The cleanliness of this country will definitely be of shock to anyone who is visiting from anywhere else in the world. Everything from streets to pavements to parks are completely clean and littering cannot be seen anywhere. The reason behind this sparkly atmosphere which is too good to be true is the harsh set of fines imposed on those who litter. These were set in place by Lee Kuan Yew who was the founding father of Singapore.